Reviews by Writers

Hi folks! Once again, I am tardy in getting out a post, so I am going to cheat and do a quick post about another review. And talk about other writers. I received a great review from Walter Rhein at his website, Streets Of Lima. Every review I’ve received has been wonderful, and it’s fascinating … Read more

A great review from a great author:

It’s an honor to receive such a kind review from a fascinating author, a contributor to the acclaimed Heroes in Hell anthologies, Andrew Paul Weston. The Retreat to AvalonOur story follows the life of someone barely into manhood; Gawain, the younger son of a tribal chieftain in what would now be called Scotland. Although well … Read more

Another Great Review!

Hello! I’m very pleased to have The Retreat to Avalon reviewed by the Historical Novel Society for their November issue. As an organization focused on my favorite genre, this is very exciting. I’m very happy with the review. One of the points they made is that I worked very hard to give readers an authentic … Read more

Another great review!

Hi folks, I’m happy to say I received a great review from a newspaper source- my first review of that kind! My favorite part is that Mr. Smith said he almost didn’t read the book, but took a chance, was hooked in the first chapter and read the whole book in two days. I’m so … Read more

Reviews Mean So Much

Hi folks, back again with some great news, and a small request. First, the great news: For years, I wished that someone would write the story of King Arthur based on historian Geoffrey Ashe’s research from his book, The Discovery of King Arthur. When I decided to try, it was mostly because I wanted to … Read more

My Way To Say Thanks

Hi folks, I’m checking in today to let you know about something new and pretty cool I’m offering. Have you ever wanted to get a book signed by the author, but didn’t know how to do it, or want to pay for shipping the book back and forth, if you could even contact the author? … Read more