My Way To Say Thanks

Hi folks, I’m checking in today to let you know about something new and pretty cool I’m offering.

Have you ever wanted to get a book signed by the author, but didn’t know how to do it, or want to pay for shipping the book back and forth, if you could even contact the author? I have.  A few times I’ve paid for a signed copy from an author’s website and received a signed “bookplate” on the inside cover. It’s signed, but usually the bookplate is not very interesting, just a square with a border and the author’s signature.

I get why they do it. It’s just not feasible to keep a bunch of personally signed books lying around, and shipping a lot of books individually get’s pretty expensive. The bookplate allows personalization without getting too expensive or time consuming.

I wanted to be able to offer my readers something like that. But I didn’t want to do the boring, old bookplate routine, so I thought up a new idea. If you bought my book, you know that each chapter begins with a picture of a scene from that chapter. On this website’s home page, you can see those pictures scrolling along. On the print books, the images are rather small, due to the page layout. So I thought, why not let people choose their favorite chapter picture, and I can sign it, personalize it if they wish, and mail it to them for free. It will be larger, so it will show more detail, and it would be more interesting than a normal bookplate.

Yes, I will send it to you for free. All I ask is that you leave my book a nice review on Amazon.
I know, it’s kind of a bribe, but it doesn’t have to be 5-stars (though I hope you think the book deserves it). As a new author, it’s hard to get noticed, and these reviews help a lot! So if you are willing to take the time to leave a nice review to help me out, this is a way I can show my appreciation. You can get the details by clicking this link.

I hope you enjoy the book, and I hope you like this offer.
Thanks! Sean

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