Interesting Links

This page is for links to a variety of websites I find interesting and/or relevant. I hope they can do the same for you.

The Perseid Press – The premier publisher of historical fiction, heroic fiction, fantasy, science fiction and much more. I am honored to be a Perseid author.

The Incredible Artwork of Luka Cakic – Luka made the fantastic chapter art for The Retreat to Avalon (and is working on more for the sequels), and so much more.

More Incredible Artwork from Dmitry Yakhovsky – Dmitry made the stunning cover for The Retreat to Avalon, and has done much more.

The International Arthurian Society – Everything to do with Arthurian history, legend and scholarship.

The Historical Novel Society – The place for everything about historical fiction novels.

Orbis – The Standford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World. A great site to check on travel times for cities throughout the Roman world.

The Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations – An incredible online atlas of ancient Roman and medieval sites in Europe and Western Asia, using GIS mapping.

Comprehensive Map of British and Irish Hillforts – Oxford University’s online atlas maps all 4,147 hillforts in Britain and Ireland, with great interactive links for each.

De Re Militari – The Society for Medieval Military History

Vortigern Studies – One of my favorite places to start researching the period between the Roman occupation of Britain and the Early Middle Ages.

The Camelot Project – The University of Rochester’s online database of Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information.

Ancient Wales Studies – A fascinating site for research into the people and rulers of Wales from about AD 400 to 1300.

MadeGlobal Publishing – The wonderful publishing house that has given many new authors a chance to share their visions with the world. They specialize in historical fiction and non-fiction, particularly in the Tudor era.