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A jealous brother drove a boy from his home, expecting him to die on the hostile sea. Instead, the boy fought to manhood, became a famed warlord, and the first Anglo-Saxon king in Britain.


Hengist claimed he came to Britannia a willing exile. But the truth is . . . more complicated. His path was not straight. His hands, not clean. The truth sets the stage for the bitter conflict between the Anglo-Saxons and the Britons.

Sail with Hengist and his warband and witness the opening moves in the long struggle for Britain.

This novel is based on the research of JRR Tolkien, that the Hengist recorded in Beowulf, the History of the Britons, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles and other sources refer to the same man, and were based on historical people and events.

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The Arthurian Age Series

A brief spark of light at the dawn of the Dark Ages will come to be known as

The Arthurian Age

Immerse in the Dark Ages world of Arthur and his renowned warriors in The Arthurian Age! Meticulously researched history blends with ancient legend to tell an exciting story that has waited 1,500 years to be told.

Based on archaeology and the research of historian Geoffrey Ashe and others, The Arthurian Age trilogy opens an immersive window on the real people and events behind the legends of King Arthur.

The Retreat to Avalon
Book I of The Arthurian Age

After three generations of struggle against ruthless invaders, Britain has finally clawed its way back within reach of peace and prosperity. Across the sea, Rome is crumbling under an onslaught of barbarian attacks, internal corruption and civil war. Desperate for allies, Rome’s last great emperor looks to Britain and the rising fame of her High King, Arthur… (More)

Arthur believes the coming war is inevitable, but many are opposed. Dissent, intrigue and betrayal threaten to tear the fragile British alliance apart from within, while the enemies of Britain wait for the first sign of weakness.

Meanwhile, Gawain, a young warrior craving fame, is swept up in Arthur’s wake as the king raises an army. While Gawain’s wife and kin face their own struggles at home, the young warrior finds himself taking on more than he bargained for, and heading into the greatest battle his people have faced in generations.

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The Strife of Camlann
Book II of The Arthurian Age

The consequences of the events of the first book take shape in this story, detailing the events leading to the famous battle between Arthur and Modred.

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Three Wicked Revelations
Book III of The Arthurian Age

Book III in The Arthurian Age.  It is time to go back, discover the origins of Arthur and finally learn all of the secrets that led to Books I and II.

Book III is in the works!

Heroika: Skirmishers
Conflict is a constant.

Heroika: Skirmishers is an anthology of desperate struggles in far flung time-scapes from best-selling author, Janet Morris. It includes some of today’s best writers and new talent.

My contribution to this anthology, A Handful of Salt, is based on the true story of ten thousand Greek mercenaries stranded in the middle of modern-day Iraq, as portrayed by the Greek general and historian, Xenophon in The Anabasis, seen, however, through the eyes of their opponents.

Today we struggle to understand the mind-set of ancient cultures, often making the mistake of seeing their world through the filter of our own values. This story is an attempt to understand a heroic perspective alien to our own.

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Stand Together

Stand Together is an eclectic collection of poetry and short stories donated by many of today’s great authors, with all proceeds going to support Ukraine. Poetry about war, warriors, hope, and sunflowers; multi-genre stories, there’s something for everyone.

My contribution to this anthology is a historical fiction short story called The Letter. It tells the story of a young girl who becomes a spy and unknowingly plays a part in the internal politics and wars of a failing Roman Empire.

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In Book I, The Retreat to Avalon, ride with King Arthur and his warriors. Arthur’s fame draws a call for aid from the failing Roman Empire. In Book II, The Strife of Camlann, honor, intrigue and discord vie to define what Britain will become. In Book III, Three Wicked Revelations, at the dawn of British independence from Rome, experience the struggle and witness the rise of Arthur, whose legend captivates after more than fifteen hundred years.