My Talking Books Interview

Hi, folks! Just a short post today to talk about my recent interview on J T Crowley’s podcast, ‘Talking Books’. John talked about my historical fiction series, The Arthurian Age, and asked about my recently released (and related) novella, Hengist.

It was a lot of fun and I was especially impressed that John had actually read both The Retreat to Avalon and The Strife of Camlann before the interview. He was very complimentary, which is always great to hear, but I really liked how he asked some really good questions, going deeper than most book interviewers tend to go.

You can catch my interview on YouTube, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, as well as through the links, below:

Here are some of the other sites where you can catch the podcast:

John has quite a list of books on his podcast, so after you’ve watched mine, you might enjoy checking out some of the others. I hope to do more Talking Books interviews in the future.

And please check out my new historical fiction novella, Hengist, based on the research of J.R.R. Tolkien and others about the first Anglo-Saxon king in Britain. Available now in eBook, paperback and hardcover at pretty much any location you might like.

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