Behind the Scenes: Chapter 1, Part 1

Hello, folks! Welcome to the first post discussing the process, references and details behind writing The Retreat to Avalon. One of the benefits of this series of articles is that it might help clarify some of the events and people described in the story, which could be helpful as the second book moves into the … Read more

Did Arthur Exist?

What do Confucius, Pythagoras, Sun Tzu, William Shakespeare, Homer, Mulan, Robin Hood, William Tell, Sybil Ludington, Pope Joan, John Henry, St. Christopher, Lycurgus of Sparta, Laozi, even Jesus of Nazareth have in common with King Arthur? Some say these people never existed. The historicity of Arthur, whether a king, a Dux Bellorum, a petty warlord, … Read more

The Tudor Connection to King Arthur

By Sodacan - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Claiming King Arthur lived in one’s postal code is a frequent pursuit. But claiming descent from Arthur has always been a trickier issue, because he is not said to have any surviving children. Or did he? Even in the fifteenth century, lawyers were mucking things up. The three decade-long War of the Roses had depleted … Read more