Characters of The Retreat to Avalon: Gawain’s Family & Friends

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I’m tardy, as usual with getting out a new post, so let’s get to it. Today we’re continuing with the characters introduced in Chapter 1 of The Retreat to Avalon. Last time we talked about Gawain, so this time we’re going to talk about his family and … Read more

Characters of The Retreat to Avalon: Gawain ap Gwyar

Hi everyone. I’ve covered most of the obscure details in the Behind the Scenes series for Chapter 1, except for the characters. So the next few posts are going to be about those introduced so far. If there is a detail from the first chapter that your would like more information about, please leave a … Read more

Behind the Scenes: Chapter 1, Part 1

Hello, folks! Welcome to the first post discussing the process, references and details behind writing The Retreat to Avalon. One of the benefits of this series of articles is that it might help clarify some of the events and people described in the story, which could be helpful as the second book moves into the … Read more