Opening Day!

A five year mission to explore old worlds, seek out ancient truths and crumbling civilizations… has finally resulted in Launch Day! As a first time author, it’s not easy to find people clamoring to stand in line and get the book they’ve never heard of, but I wanted to do something for launch day, get … Read more

Meet Luka Cakić

Hi folks. Today I’d like to introduce Luka Cakić, a fantastic artist who made the chapter art for The Retreat to Avalon. Luka was great to work with while I wrote the book. As I finished each chapter, I would send him a basic idea of what sort of picture I would like and we’d … Read more

Release Date: June 8th, 2018!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am excited to announce that MadeGlobal Publishing has set the official release date of The Retreat to Avalon for June 8th! Initially, it will be available on Amazon in print or for Kindle. If you would like to be kept up to date on news about the book, and receive free … Read more

Little Details

Hi folks, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I have been busy with work, kids, writing, etc. Good news on the book process: the final layout is being examined for mistakes, so it should not be too long now. In the mean time, I have been making some freebies for people who are … Read more

The Coming Attractions

Hi folks! Just a short post today to let you know what’s coming. The publishing process continues and I’m working on some short stories and maps to go along with the books. I’m also writing a series of blog posts to fill in the historic background behind the stories. A lot has changed in the … Read more

It’s Official!

The Retreat to Avalon

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m excited to introduce the cover of my upcoming book: The Retreat to Avalon Book I of the series: The Arthurian Age I had a hard time coming up with that name, considering the theme of my series and the vast amount of Arthurian literature that already exists. I even went to Facebook … Read more

Big Things Ahead!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Bad blogger. The holidays keep everyone busy, and I could blame the snow I keep having to dig my way out of. But the main reason is that I have been writing like crazy. Aside from editing, I have crafted some freebies. One is a basic Q&A about … Read more