The Dark Ages Invade A Renaissance Fair

My last two weekends were very interesting, very fun, and a bit exhausting. My lovely bride and I did a book signing event at King Richard’s Faire in Carver, Massachusetts, New England’s largest and oldest Renaissance Fair. We stood out, because in a village of Elizabethan pirates, Scottish Highlanders, Tudor lords and ladies, Elves, Viking barbarians, Templar knights, Hogwarts alumni, and genres I couldn’t begin to describe, we were the only representative of the glorious Dark Ages. ‘Twas a shame and a blessing.

I haven’t been to a Renaissance Fair since I was teenager. I remember it being fun, but then life got in the way of a lot of fun stuff. When Jenn and I talked about ideas to get more people to know about The Arthurian Age, the idea of going where people like medieval stuff led us to setting up a booth at the #KRFaire. We had a great time, met lots of very nice, interesting people, and had fun signing books and talking about King Arthur. The only hitch was the first day, when a monsoon struck and swamped the place. I stood with my arms up for an hour and a half, making sure the water didn’t collapse the awning on our tent, but we managed to avoid any permanent damage. Here are some fun pictures from the fair:

King Richard's Faire in Carver, MA.
This place is amazing. At 88 acres of medieval style buildings, stages, food, drink, games, and more, their liquor license alone can claim to be the world’s largest bar.
Jenn and I made friends with the Green Man.
The Green Man guards the door to the realm.
Monty Python's Arthur with a more historical Arthur.
The other guy showed up…
Guinevere was known as the most beautiful woman in the realm.
The fairest queen in all the realms.
We got a lot of admiration for our tent and display.
Excalibur and Arthur's Armor.
Excalibur and the armor was a big draw. Many thanks to Bryan Custance, Ebenezer Akakpo, Betty Perry, CopticME and others for their help in making this happen.
Renaissance Fair Folk
A lot of great costumes, and many were from visitors.
Renaissance Fair Folk
Lots of entertainment.
Viking Tug-of-War
Visitors got into the act with a tug-o-war on Viking weekend.
Can’t have a Renaissance Faire without jousting!
Renaissance Fair Folk
Everyone was so nice. Fair Folk are a real community.
Hunkered down in the storm.
The first day wrapped up with the biggest drenching anyone remembers.
Meet the Author of The Arthurian Age, Historical Fiction about King Arthur
The first weekend we were surprised that people didn’t expect the author to be the one selling The Retreat to Avalon, so we knocked these together for the second weekend. I think they look cool.
Signing books at the King Richard's Renaissance Fair
We love talking to people about King Arthur! We have some new contacts in our guestbook, and if you’d like to keep up to date on new stuff from me, please send me an email.
Thanks for coming by!

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