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Hi, everyone! Before I get to today’s topic, I’d like to say that I hope you are in good health and the recent epidemic isn’t causing you anything more than frustration. Working from home isn’t quite as time-saving as I’d expected, but I have made some changes to the website that I hope will make it easier to navigate and find things that interest you. Hit me up with any topics you’d like to see added!

Today I’d like to give some more information about the new release I’m a part of, Janet Morris’ anthology, Heroika: Skirmishers. If you’ve checked out previous articles about it, you know a bit about it.

A.L. Butcher, a contributor to this book, as well as the editor, has done some great “interview” posts with the authors about their stories and characters on her blog at Library of Erana. So below is a very brief synopsis with a link to each interview. I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to order it, the eBook is available now at this link. The print book is coming soon.

And here we go!

Habiru“, Michael H. Hanson’s historical fiction tale set in 1175 BCE. As the Sea Peoples invade, the Egyptians and their Hebrew allies join forces to preserve their home. Read more at this link.

A Handful of Salt“, Sean Poage’s historical fiction story, set in 401 BCE in eastern Turkey, is a look at The March of the Ten Thousand from the perspective of the other side. Read more at this link.

The Naked Daemon“, by S.E. Lindberg, set around 400 CE, is historical fantasy set in Roman Egypt- the birth of alchemical warfare. Read his interview at this link.

Souls of a Lion“, by Tom Barczak, is historical fiction that splits between Masada, Israel in 73 CE and Warsaw, Poland in 1943. Read more at this link.

Nithing“, by Travis Ludvigson, is historical fantasy set in Viking Greenland around 985 CE. Read more at this link.

In the Season of Rust“, by Charles Gramlich is historical fantasy, set around 1100 CE, pitting a Native American tracker against a strange foe. Read more at this link.

Black Quill“, by Cas Peace, is historical fantasy, set in 11th century England. A young girl must face an ancient terror. Read more at this link.

Old Gold“, by A.L. Butcher, is medieval fantasy, where a woman tries to keep alive the old ways under pressure from zealots of a new religion. Read more at this link.

A Lion in Kamerun“, by Ken Kiser, historical fantasy in the pulp tradition, follows a professor into Africa in 1914. Read more at this link.

The Patrol“, by William Hiles is World War One historical fiction about an ambushed pilot. Read more at this link.

La Porte en Arriere“, by Beth W. Patterson, is urban dark fantasy set in modern day Louisiana. A precocious young girl and her friend face down a serial killer. Read more at this link.

Durendal“, by Bruce Durham, is contemporary military fantasy set in a near-future Europe. A Canadian peace-keeper finds herself embroiled in a battle from the depths of time and legend. Read more at this link.

I hope you enjoyed the interviews. Now I’ve got to get back to finishing book 2 of The Arthurian Age, The Strife of Camlann!

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