Halloween 2019

Well folks, been too long since a post, but here is a quick one for our latest Halloween costume. As we mentioned this time, last year, Jenn and I love to get creative with costumes around Halloween. And whenever, really.

This year, the theme at Ed’s bash was “Star Wars”. Never willing to go with the easy, normal approach and buy a costume off the shelf, we struggled to come up with something that would be fun and different. I tried to get my lovely bride to wear the “Leia Slave-Girl” outfit from Return of the Jedi, but that was a hard no. I offered to wear it myself and got the same answer.

Ed greeting everyone at the door. Like usual, we’re the early-nerds.

We thought of making a Han frozen in carbonite costume for me and a Leia as that bounty hunter for her, but it just wasn’t feasible. We briefly toyed with an idea where we were the front and back ends of an Imperial Walker.

Then Jennifer had a stroke of brilliance.

Lots of people would be showing up as Vaders, and Lukes and Stormtroopers and so on. But how many would show up as Lego versions of the characters? We were betting on none.

Best Ewoks ever!
Just a few of the crowd.

So it was off to the craft store. Foam board for the bodies and legs. Tape and a lot, I mean a lot, of hot glue. Lycra cloth for the back of the legs and the arm and neck holes. Foam for padding, and paint.

The heads, hands and lycra body suits we got online. My head only needed changing the red tongue to white teeth, but Jenn spent about 5 hours carefully layering yarn-hair onto her head and adding red lips. Perfect!

And here is the result!

Though Ironman and Pepper Potts was pretty tough to beat, this might be the all-time crowd favorite. We actually won two trophies that night! Best Overall and Best Couple. Felt a little guilty about hogging two trophies…

But I finally managed to get Jenn into that “Leia Slave-Girl” outfit.

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