Big Things Ahead!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Bad blogger.

The holidays keep everyone busy, and I could blame the snow I keep having to dig my way out of. But the main reason is that I have been writing like crazy. Aside from editing, I have crafted some freebies. One is a basic Q&A about Arthurian topics. The other is a short story. There will eventually be several of these, filling in backstory or related events through different eyes. They will be free to anyone interested. More on that to come.

Actually, the most challenging part was such a small thing. Coming up with a name for the trilogy. Series might be more appropriate because I can see more than three books on this subject. I have the names of the first three books, but a series needs a title, and this is not an easy task. It’s made more difficult by the vast amount of Arthurian literature already out there, and it must be something that is catchy, fit the theme and is not cliché. I made Facebook posts looking for ideas, but in the end, the best, the only appropriate option, was suggested by Tim at MadeGlobal, my publisher. Thank you, Tim!

Another, very cool development in the last couple months, was that Tim sent me the cover concept art. When I sent over the manuscript and related materials, I included a couple of suggestions for the cover and some images to offer some inspiration. They used none of that. And I am so glad. The cover looks incredible! So much better than what I had thought of. Once again, thank you, Tim and the artist, Dmitry.

I’m going to withhold the details for now. I’m not sure what Tim has planned for the big unveiling, so I don’t want to jump the gun. But I am wicked excited! (Little New England Lingo there.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and can look forward to a Happy New Year!

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