It’s Semi-Official!

I have wanted to be a writer for a long time, all due to the enjoyment I got from reading all my life.  Not quite all my life.  I was actually a late start in reading due to a less than stellar school system where I lived during the 1st grade.  But after moving across the country, I was put into a remedial program and my reading took off like a rocket.  I read everything, but history, fantasy and sci-fi were my favorites.  I loved being led through the discovery of different times or different worlds in my mind’s eye.

Over the years I have sputtered around with several story-lines.  I just may return to some of them some day.  But almost four years ago something different happened.  I had just watched one of my favorite movies, John Boorman’s Excalibur, with my future wife.  Afterwards I waxed nerdy, which she always endures with grace and a smile, and explained how the story portrayed was all out of whack with history.  Arthur and his knights would have been wearing “chain mail”, not plate armor, never mind the fact that the concept of medieval knights hadn’t even developed in the time that Arthur would have lived.  She pretended to be interested and asked a few questions about the history, and if Arthur was a real person, so I prattled on about various theories and such, explaining how it was essentially impossible at this point to prove his existence one way or the other, but that it is very likely he had lived.  I expressed my disappointment with the current state of Arthurian movies, wishing that someone would make one that was historically accurate for what we know, and at least plausible for the parts we must guess at.

The next day I continued to think about the conversation.  One of the more interesting Arthurian theories, especially, intrigued me.  I wanted someone to explain how it could happen, and why it might have happened that way.  I doubted I could expect a good Arthurian movie on the subject any time soon (and recent cinematic events have been just appalling), and the novels I had read always seemed to take the easier routes.  While some were good reads, none were answering the questions I had.  When would someone take up the challenge?

Then it occurred to me.  Perhaps I should.  It would take a great deal of research, but that would satisfy the nerdy perfectionist within me, and as I studied, imagined, questioned and composed, it would be a way for me to mentally explore the era, the people and the events.  I would need an answer for every question, just to satisfy myself.  In the end, I wanted to be able to look back at the work and think, “Yes, that could be how it happened.”  If, after that, it resulted in a story that others would enjoy, that would be the icing on the cake.  A way to sort of give back to all those other authors who have given me the enjoyment of exploring different worlds and different times.

I called my sweetheart up and told her my idea, and she was, as always, enthusiastic and supportive.  And through this whole process she has remained so.  So now, nearly four years after jotting my first notes, I have finished the book, I am happy with what I have come up with and I hope others will be as well.  Which means getting it published.

The only thing I knew for sure  about the publishing process was to expect a long string of “No” responses before getting a “Yes”.  Asking for advice on Facebook, I was pointed to a publishing company that specializes in historical fiction and was actively looking for new authors.  With little expectation besides gaining some experience in “No” responses, I sent off my query and was bowled over to receive a positive response, with the condition that I fix some writing errors.  Those completed and the entire manuscript sent over, I was told that they are excited about my project and would like to publish my book!  Happy dance ensued.

I actually received the news the day my website went live.  I am not ready to give much more information yet, until I understand the process of getting the book out, but more is to come.  In the meantime, thank you for stopping by, but thank you, especially, to Tim and his team at MadeGlobal Publishing for taking a chance on an unproven aspiring author.



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