Push a button already.

Wow. It’s been a long time coming.  I finally have it done. Edits, supporting documents, everything. Done! Well… except for one small detail.  The opening scene.  The one thing they say is so vital to a book. Oh, I have it done. I actually have two opening scenes done. I just can’t choose between them. It … Read more

The Conventional Wisdom to Get Published

I just finished reading Mustache Shenanigans by actor/director Jay Chandrasekhar.  It’s the first non-research book I’ve read for pleasure in four years, and frankly, I needed the mental break.  No pun intended.  One of the points he brings up, almost cliché, is the conflict between the artist and the industry.  How the current film industry is … Read more

Not sure what to do with myself…

It’s a very strange thing, to go from spending several years working non-stop on a project, every free moment, to not having anything to do while you wait for the next step in the publishing process. Ok, so maybe I didn’t work every free moment, but when I wasn’t working on the project, at least I … Read more

It’s Semi-Official!

I have wanted to be a writer for a long time, all due to the enjoyment I got from reading all my life.  Not quite all my life.  I was actually a late start in reading due to a less than stellar school system where I lived during the 1st grade.  But after moving across … Read more


I guess “Hello World” is as good an opening line as any for the launch of my personal writing blog.  More to come, but this is where I will post news about my writing, without getting into details that could be spoilers.  Those will come in a separate page for each book.  Wish me luck … Read more