Free Short Stories, Autographed Books and Ebooks!

I have free short stories available to my readers, available for anyone who signs up for my email list. Don’t worry, I won’t spam you or give your information away. It’s just for getting updates as I have new books and short stories that come out.

Would you like your copy of The Retreat to Avalon personally signed?  Do you have a favorite picture from the book?

If you like the book and leave a nice review on Amazon at this link, I will happily send you a signed bookplate of the chapter picture of your choice!
The pictures are printed on acid-free adhesive paper that will fit inside the book cover. Since the picture is bigger than the one printed at the top of each chapter, you get to enjoy it with more detail, as well.

After you leave a review, just use the contact form below to send me an email letting me know which review is yours, which chapter picture you want, how you would like me to autograph it (just signed, or to a specific person?) and the address you want me to mail it to. I will sign it and get it right out to you. You will not be added to any email lists, and I will not give out your personal information or email address!

If you have the Ebook version, there is a cool new way to get that “Authorgraphed”. Check it out at this link.

Thanks, and best wishes,

The reason I am offering this is because I really appreciate the fact that you purchased my book and I hope you enjoyed it.
Being a new author, it’s hard to get noticed, so if you are kind enough to leave a nice review (doesn’t have to be 5-stars, though I hope you feel it deserves it), then the least I can do is show my appreciation by offering this personalized, artistic bookplate as my thanks.
Cheers, Sean