New Website and Other News!

Busy few weeks! The release day is coming up quick and so I’ve decided I need to make a better website. Please let me know what you think. One of the parts I really like is that the main page has a rotating list of the cover art by Dmitry and the chapter art by Luka. Below that are some links and then the blog posts.

Tim had the logo (above) made as something distinctive for the series. Pretty cool! He’s also had me do a lot of stuff to get ready for launch day. I learned that there is a way for authors to “sign” your ebook now through a company called Authorgraph. Pretty cool.  I’ve also set up author profiles with Amazon, BookBub and GoodReads. I’m looking into book signing opportunities, but to start off, I’m taking Launch Day off at work and I’ll be at the Maine Mall in Portland on the 8th and 9th of June signing books and hopefully getting a lot of people interested in Arthurian legends and history.

Well, it’s getting late here, so good night. I promise I’ll get back to some articles soon.


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