The Coming Attractions

Hi folks! Just a short post today to let you know what’s coming. The publishing process continues and I’m working on some short stories and maps to go along with the books. I’m also writing a series of blog posts to fill in the historic background behind the stories.

A lot has changed in the fifteen centuries since the Arthurian Age. Britain and Europe are much different places, with different people, cultures and languages. Some of the articles will describe the diverse and fascinating people and cultures of Fifth Century Britain and Gaul.

Additionally, when most people think of King Arthur, they imagine shining plate armour, longswords and tall stone castles. The truth is, I think, much more interesting. So I will also have articles describing the weapons, armour, fortifications and more from the era.

There are so many details, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Please join the conversation by commenting with any questions or challenges. Cheers!



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